logo color nov2011 The vintner’s art is ancient and subtle. Every wine bears the footprint of its native soil and the fingerprints of its maker.

In today’s world of technological advances in winemaking and huge global markets, where there is a commercial pressure to make wines more and more alike, there still continue to be thousands of artisan winemakers around the world, usually making small quantities, meticulouslu shepherding their creations from the vineyard to the table. Each artisan wine has a particular story, and knowing the stories enhances our experience of drinking their wines.

We seek out exceptional artisan wines at affordable prices, along with artisan cheeses from nearby producers and art work by local artists.

We are located at 2072 Granger Way, Lummi Island, Washington. We are open and have a wine tasting ($10) each Friday from 4-7 and each Saturday from 2-6, or anytime for “wine emergencies.” (360.758.2959). We also invite you to consider having us host your next wine party at our gallery.


Rich Frye

Pat Hayes

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