lummi island wine tasting nov 5 ’20

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Friday Bread Crumbs

Now that we are back on Standard Time, Janice is moving Friday bread pickup back to the wine shop for the first time since last March. However, bread pickup will continue to look a lot more like the parking lot pickup routine, with studious attention to social separation.

This week Janice will be set up at a table in the garage doorway. We have a plan for a rain shield outside as necessary. As at the parking lot, pickup will be a streamlined affair to minimize contact risk. Chances are we will be tweaking the process over the next few weeks until we arrive at a comfortable routine.

Due to the national surge in Covid cases, we are for the time being backing off from allowing visitors inside for wine shopping. Instead we are going back to email ordering only. Click on the Order Wine link in the header above for currently available wines with tasting notes and prices. Soon we hope to have an actual online store available to make the process more user-friendly. For the time being, when you have made your selections use the Contact Us link above to send us your order. We will contact you to make arrangements for pickup.


Wine of the Week: Indaba Merlot 

Indaba Foundation was created shortly after the end of apartheid by South African wine importer Cape Classics to address the needs of vulnerable children by providing accredited training of Association Montessori Internationale teachers with initial focus on early childhood education. Indaba wines are also committed to promoting environmental, social, and ethical practices by the producers they work with.

Bottom line: good wines, sustainably produced, socially enabling, and offered at bargain prices; an admirable business model.

Indaba Merlot  ’17     South Africa      $10
94% Merlot, 6% Cabernet Sauvignon. Carefully crafted in a bright, clean style, this velvety Merlot offers appealing aromas and bright, succulent flavors of cherry, dark berry and plum backed by subtle mocha and herbal nuances and delicate minerality.





Mar a Lago Update: In Limbo with Schrödinger’s Cat

In the world of quantum physics, “Schrödinger’s Cat” is a hypothetical thought experiment to illustrate the paradox that a quantum system can theoretically exist in several states at once until the process of observation necessarily forces it to be in one state or another. In the experiment, a cat hidden from view in a “box” must be thought of as both dead and alive. But as soon as the box is opened to an observer, the very process of observation forces it to be in one state or the other.

As we go to press tonight, we are all like Schrödinger’s Cat, trapped in an electoral Twilight Zone while the Universe sorts out not only who will become the next President but also, simultaneously, which Universe will become Reality. After all we have been through this year,– these long four years– in a deeply existential way Everything seems to be at Stake.

If we open the box in one state, all will be well, and if by some capricious fate we get the other, we fear everything we love, hope for, and hold dear will disappear into an Eternal Hell of Hopelessness and Damnation. And meanwhile, we endure the Hell of Waiting.

Metaphorically, it looks something like this.

On the other hand, a preferable quantum state might look like this.

We will know soon enough which it will be. Fingers crossed…and craving a return to stability, predictability, kindness, and caring.


Wine Tasting

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