lummi island wine tasting sept 24 ’20

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Now What?

Here we are at the last weekend in September. Somewhat to our surprise we have had no takers for our Saturday afternoon wine tastings on the two Saturdays since Drydock started, nor are any scheduled for this weekend.   The few that happened were fun and emotionally nourishing for us and (we hope) the participants, so definitely worth doing! We thank those of you who participated…you really boosted our mood!

At this point we have no plan for October. We will be exploring options for bringing Friday bread pickup back to the wine shop and limited openings Saturdays for shopping and sales. Ideas welcome; what would work for you?

Social Distancing Guidelines:
1. Everyone must wear a mask when they are not seated;
2. Groups sharing a table must be a “pod” that regularly share space together, or otherwise take responsibility for managing social distance within their group; and
3. Everyone agrees not to arrive before their appointment begins and to leave before it ends.

To make a reservation, call number next to our logo (above, right).


Wine of the Week: Toso Reserve Malbec

Pascual Toso is named for its founder, who emigrated from Italy to Argentina in 1880 (OMD, that’s 140 years ago!), settling in Mendoza. With a family history in winemaking he became intrigued by the exceptional quality of the vineyards in the region, and opened his first winery in San Jose in 1890. In subsequent years he (among others!) discovered the exceptional terroir of the area around Maipu (not to be confused with Chile’s Maipu Valley) , bought land and developed vineyards. Today Toso is owned by the J Llorente corporation.

To our palates, this malbec is a particular favorite. Toso also makes a basic malbec which, while quite serviceable, is far outclassed by the reserve bottling. Bottom line: this wine has an appealing balance and richness that places it a rung or two above your average Mendoza malbec. (Just sayin’!)


Toso Reserve Malbec ’17      Argentina       $21
Elegant and balanced with food concentration and ripeness; focused, clean notes of blackberry, plum, and ripe,
dark cherries; a plush, elegant mouthfeel, easy tannins, and lingering notes of leather and Spring soil.




Mar a Lago Update: Hubris and Karma

A few weeks ago we posted this about Julius Caesar: “As he crossed the Rubicon from Gaul back into Roman lands in 49 BC in defiance of orders not to return to Rome, Julius Caesar is reputed to have said, “Alea iacta est!”— The die is cast! That action began a five-year war that would transform the 700 year-old Roman Republic into the Roman Empire, creating karmic currents that still drive human history.” By implication, all acts of Hubris unleash currents of hatred, vengeance, determination, and retaliation that fuel endless cycles of suffering.

This week our Nation has been grieving the passing last Friday of beloved and iconic Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bator Ginsberg. Within an hour of her passing, Darth McConnell, the world’s most Highly Developed Hypocrite, announced gleefully that he would move immediately to install her successor, a complete reversal of the stance he took in early 2016 on Obama’s nomination. You all know the story.

Last weekend I found myself in an emotional funk, tired, achey, and depressed, with a feeling behind my eyes as if a giant lake of tears was building that might burst forth like Glacial Lake Missoula. Mindful examination brought the realization that the passing of Justice Ginsberg, met immediately with a ready-to-go Republican script to fill her seat in time for the October Court session, was demanding inner resources that were already deeply compromised by:

At some level right now we are all holding back tears. That’s how we cope, and it takes a lot of effort. The Last Thing we need right now is a bitter power struggle over the Supreme Court, but it appears we will have to endure it so Darth gets his winning Justice on the bench and they can once and for all blast the Affordable Care Act to Kingdom Come, stop wasting money on  the sick and the elderly, and get back to the business of making the rich even richer. And, Darth seems to think, usher in the Corporate Feudal  State he has always dreamed about.

But Karma is likely not that simple. Once you light a fire, the flames, the heat, and the pain all take their own paths. Just as Caesar’s Rubicon led to his Ides of March in the Senate five years later, Darth’s obsession to load the Court is very likely to bite him back in its own perfect way.

Let’s all do our best to stay safe, stay tuned, and take good care of each other.


Wine Tasting

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