lummi island wine tasting april 24 ’20

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Bread Friday, Covid Rules

Although Social Distancing remains in place to limit the spread of Covid-19, those on the Friday Bread mailing list will continue to receive a Sunday email from Janice with details about the week’s bread menu. And to maintain Social Distancing protocols, for the time being she will continue doing the weekly bread deliveries from her car from 4-5 pm at the North exit of the ferry overflow parking lot.

When we stopped by last week, there were people with lawn chairs and wine glasses, looked like some kind of new Covid  Tailgate. So…depending on your Social Distancing parameters, you might want to just drive in, pick up, and drive out, or make camp, set up, and Party. Just sayin’…



Wine Shop Declares Constitutional Right to Remain Open for Wine Emergencies!

As we all continue to adapt to Covid-19 Battle Protocols, our regular Friday and Saturday Evening Wine Tastings have been suspended until further notice. This is a big change from the past fifteen years of our collective building of the Friday and Saturday tastings into an ongoing Community where everyone is welcome and everyone is happy.

Btw, speaking of Good Cheer, since Social Distancing was initiated by Governor Inslee a month ago, we have found ourselves enjoying most evenings an episode or two of the early-80’s TV series Cheers, a sitcom set in an old pub in Boston.  The neighborhood atmosphere in the show reminds us a lot of the positive energy that you all bring and share chez nous, and which we have very much been missing!….sigh!

On a more positive note, it has become clear over the last few weeks that many of you are avoiding going to the mainland for the time being, and when you run out of wine have taken the opportunity to Declare (gulp!)  a Wine Emergency (OMD..are those Sirens??!!) to which we are pledged to respond as best we can as needs arise!

Should you find yourself in this precarious position, we are Here for you Right Here on the Island! You can order by phone (see below or use your Island Directory) or explore the BUY WINES link at the top of the page on our  website. (sorry,not sure if all the links appear in the email version of this post) and we will assemble your orders for pickup at your convenience.

The wine shop remains a pretty safe environment, with very few visitors for very short periods of time, and with all contact surfaces disinfected before and after each visitor leaves.

We currently have several orders ready for pickup. Let us know if we can help You with Your Wine Emergency!


Mar a Lago Update: Things Keep Getting Worse Faster than We are Getting Older

In the late evening of Election Day 2016 we got a phone call from a neighbor. She had heard that the Tweetster had won the election. She was crying. She was Very Upset. Don’t worry, we said with confidence, that is Impossible and it will all clear up in the morning….but it didn’t. And life has been Surreal ever since.

Many times Every Day since then we have been forced to witness ever more bizarre and illogical behavior, with scores of documented Lies every single day. He lies and is caught lying, and nothing changes. Every time he opens his mouth he broadcasts breathtaking ignorance of science, history, economics, government, politics, and his Believers Defend him. He is the consummate Snake Oil salesman; and with the Obeisance of Republicans across the Nation, he is continually putting our country, our Planet, and the future of Life Itself in deeper and deeper Grave Peril.

The current Covid Pandemic is stark and undeniable. The usual ploys of blaming Democrats, or blaming reporters for Fake News, or blaming scientists for the idiotic and ignorant things he says and does every day are finally getting a little less Traction with his Base. But with few exceptions (like Maryland’s Republican Governor) Republican Senators and Representatives are still drinking the Kool-aid that keeps them rich and powerful but politically emasculated (Lindsay Graham the best example…) So many of his Cabinet appointees have quit or been fired that to a large extent all that are left are political Weathermen with an instinct for Knowing which way the wind blows.

The only conclusion is that our nation has been in a Trance since 2016, and unable to wake up from it. It feels like the scenes in Alien where many crew members have been captured and cocooned by the Aliens, aware they are dying but completely helpless to fight back. Another metaphor is from the science fiction writer Harlan Ellison named one of his stranger stories, “I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream,” very disturbing.


How to Declare a Wine Emergency!

1. If you are on our website, scroll up to the very top of this page, click on “ORDER WINE” at top of screen, and follow the instructions.

2. If you have received this post as an email subscriber and you do not have that link on your email, click here.

3. If none of those work, phone us a 360 758-2959.



Wine Tasting

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