lummi island wine tasting jan 10 ’20

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Friday Breads This Week

Kamut Levain – Kamut, also known as khorasan wheat, is an ancient grain that has more protein than conventional wheat, and which some people find to be more digestible than wheat. The bread is made with a levain preferment mixed with with bread flour and fresh milled whole kamut flour. It has a nutty, rich flavor and makes a golden color loaf.  – $5/loaf

Barley & Rye w/ Pumpkin Seeds – Also made with a levain preferment mixed with bread flour and fresh milled rye, barley and whole wheat flours. Some buttermilk makes for a tender crumb, honey for sweetness and toasted pumpkin seeds add to the flavor and texture. A really flavorful artisan loaf! – $5/loaf

and this week’s pastry…

Fruit & Spice Rolls – Almost half whole wheat but still plenty of butter, sugar and egg for flavor and a tender crumb. Dried cranberries, golden raisins, fresh orange peel and orange juice, plus anise, cinnamon, mace and cardamon add savory nuance. Topped with demerara sugar before baking for a special bit of sweetness and crunch and an interesting and flavorful bun to have with your morning coffee or tea. – 2/$5

(breads must be pre-ordered by Wednesday for pickup here at the wine shop at our Friday wine tasting, 4-6pm. Planning a visit to the Island? Email us to get on the mailing list!)


Wine Club

Okay, mis amigas and amigos, we are now entering our SIXTEENTH YEAR of our community wine adventure with all of you! While our little business has never been much of a “business,” we find our success is best measured not in financial terms but in the friends we have made with you over all these years and the friends that have been made among you through our little wine shop. Over the years many dear friends have come and gone, but the community has remained intact. Every weekend brings old friends and new friends, good conversation, and an enduring warmth. We are deeply grateful for your participation in whatever it is that we have created here, and thank you all for being part of it.

Which reminds us, it is again the start of another Calendar Year. Which means that your membership in our Wine Club must be renewed for 2020 to continue your club benefits of $5 tastings instead of $10 for nonmembers, and no sales tax (save 8.7%!) on purchases. Yes, yes, we must be Crazy to offer this Benefit Package for a measly $50 for the entire year, but there it is, time to sign up for another year to enjoy our great community AND great savings!



Mar a Lago Update: Our Kampf

The past week has felt like yet another Reichstag Moment in our Long Ordeal with the Tweetster’s Madness. The Reichstag was the German Parliament building, set on fire in 1933 just one month after Hitler became Chancellor of Germany. The fire was set by the Nazis and blamed on the Communists, and set the stage for the Nazis to declare an emergency, deny civil rights, and take dictatorial control of Germany. It has become symbolic of any misleading “false flag” political operations designed to gain power for one group while directing blame toward another.

To paraphase Adolf Hitler in Mein Kampf :

‘Propaganda must always address itself to the broad masses of the people and fix its intellectual level toward the least intellectual and awaken their imaginations through their feelings by finding the appropriate psychological form that will arrest their attention and appeal. They are not diplomats or professors nor persons able to form reasoned judgment. Rather, they are but a vacillating crowd of children constantly wavering between one idea and another. Their character, thought, and conduct are ruled by sentiment rather than reasoning, and neither their intellect nor their sentiment is  differentiated enough to understand more than a childlike binary view of love and hate, right and wrong, truth and lie.[5]

This week saw a number of news threads which reinforce our understanding the Hitler’s point:

One could make up any number of stories to connect these facts. Maybe the Neocons never went away, but, like locusts, have been lying dormant in the soil for seventeen years and just awakened to continue pursuit of controlling Middle East Oil…? Or, maybe there is a Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy of Bullet-Headed White Protestant Evangelical Hedge Fund Managers to take over all the remaining Middle East Oil and use it to usher in the Second Coming and the End of the World. Or maybe it’s just, you know, even if it destroys All Life on Earth Forever and Ever, “Just Politics.”

This week’s assessment of the Human Race: Definitely a Danger to Self and Others. Scary stuff.

Washington Post Tweetster Lie Count to date :   15,433 as of 12/10/19





This week’s tasting

Weingut  Gruner Veltliner      Austria    $16
Notes of ripe Bosch pears surround the palate on this fruit-driven, slurpingly good Gruner.

Montes Cabernet Sauvignon ’15   Chile   $11
Earthy aromas that include rubber and gamey berry fruits lead to a wide palate. Warm, candied plum and cassis flavors are chocolaty and finish with a swipe of oak and tobacco.

Terra d’Oro Zinfandel  ’17     California       $15
Aromas and flavors of dried cherries, cured beef and a whiff of dried herbs create good complexity and solid structure with good acidity and firm tannins that pair well with rich dishes.

La Quercia Aglianico  ‘17    Italy   $13
The new vintage of one of our favorite italian reds; full bodied with notes of ripe plum and white pepper on smooth, fine-grained tannins. A lovely match with a wide range of savory dishes.

Iron and Sand Cabernet Sauvignon ’17    California    $24
Nose of black fruit, violet, stone, loam and a hint of herbs lead to dry palate of black cherry, purple flowers and soil, with a hint of black olive.




Wine Tasting

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