lummi island wine tasting july 19-20 ’19

Friday Breads

Kamut Levain – Kamut, aka khorasan wheat, is an ancient grain with more protein than conventional wheat. The bread is made with a levain that is fermented overnight before being mixed with with bread flour and fresh milled whole kamut flour. It has a nutty, rich flavor and makes a golden color loaf. A great all aroundbread – $5/loaf

Barley/Rye w/ Pumpkin Seeds – Also made with a levain starter mixed with bread flour and fresh milled rye, barley, and whole wheat flours. h buttermilk makes for a tender crumb, honey for sweetness and pumpkin seeds for flavor and texture. A really flavorful artisan loaf – $5/loaf

Chocolate Babka Rolls – A sweet pastry dough full of eggs, butter and sugar, rolled and spread with a chocolate filling, rolled up and cut into individual rolls and brushed with sugar syrup after baking. – 2/$5




Yesterday we took our trailer to our favorite nearby State Park, Bayview on Padilla Bay, and rendezvoused with Peter and Sandy in their new Airstream. It has been sometimes rainy, sometimes sunny, and overall a pleasant getaway.

In keeping with our collective wine shop philosophy, we have shared good food, good wine, and good conversation. And, of course, good dogs! And it is late, so a short post tonight…

Hope to see you all this weekend!


Mar a Lago Update: Two Shots at Survival

As suggested last week, those of us who deeply and devoutly want to see the Tweetster’s Tiny Hands wrested from The  Controls of Power have our work cut  out for us.

The First Challenge is to Defeat him in the 2020 election, and that battle has already begun in earnest. Two dozen candidates are vying to be the Democratic candidate to oppose him. On the positive side, the campaign offers an a 16-month chorus of anti- Tweetster voices, and a solid majority of potential voters wants him gone.

On the down side, he has demonstrated an uncanny ability to frame his constant Lies so that every entranced disciple hears only what s/he wants to hear while disregarding everything else, even things they would not tolerate in any other politician. As psychiatrist and cult brainwashing expert Robert Lifton has noted, charismatic leaders have  extraordinary powers over their followers’ wills.

The Presidential campaign for the 2020 election is now well underway. We have seen the Democratic Candidates debate, and any of them would be a major improvement over the Tweetster. And when we say “Major Improvement,” we mean first and foremost slowing, stopping, and reversing the political, economic, social, and environmental Disaster that threatens the very existence of Life on our dear Planet Earth through Climate Change.

Meanwhile every Republikan* Party member asserts, with the Amused Hubris that only extended periods of having one’s head Completely Up One’s Ass can possibly explain, that Climate Change is not happening, and even if it is it has nothing to do with human activity.

(* our answer to the Tweetster’s “Democrat Party”)

The Second Challenge for 2020 is to wrest control of the Senate, where nothing good has been permitted to escape from Dark Lord McConnell’s Cold Dissembling Hands for almost a decade. There are actually two ways to achieve this. One is by getting him defeated in his Senate Reelection campaign. Paradoxically, despite his decades in office, he remains extremely unpopular even to his core constituency. There is a challenger, but defeating him is at best a Long Shot.

The second is by turning four Senate Seats (should The Dark Side retain the White House), or turning three Senate Seats and also the Presidency. Since R’s hold a 53-47 advantage in the Senate, a shift of three seats makes it a 50-50 split with any tie-breaking vote cast by the sitting Vice President who also serves as the tie-breaking vote in Senate proceedings. So to gain control of the Senate— perhaps an even more important goal than the Oval Office— Dems must win Either Three Senate seats and the Presidency, OR Four Senate Seats outright. While they are both Difficult, the same strategies apply to accomplishing either, and we should commit ourselves to going All Out for both.

Washington Post Tweetster Lie Count to date: 10,000 as of 5/1/19


This week’s wine tasting

Big Salt  ’18    Oregon     $15
Shows grit and chalky saltiness, with floral, honeysuckle and tropical fruit notes and pebbly minerality. An aromatic but not sweet, supremely satisfying sipper; an excellent food wine.

Bieler Rosé ’17      France     $17
Grenache-Syrah blend; soft and bright, with plenty of red-berry and currant flavors. Its fruitiness and balanced acidity make for an immediately attractive, easy wine.

Capcanes Mas Donis Old Vines ‘15       Spain       $12
Velvety mouthfeel and texture; wild red and black berry flavors, with cherry, spices and herbs; medium to full-bodied with soft and velvet tannins and nicely refreshing finish.

Kiona Cuvée Rouge ’17 Washington $16
83% cab, 8% syrah, 6% merlot, 3% sangio blend from many Kiona vineyards for an approachable, balanced, textured, and crowd-pleasing blend.

Flaneur Pinot Noir  ’17    Oregon    $28
Sharply etched berry and cherry fruit flavors, with a hint of brown sugar. Light citrus acidity underlies an astringent finish, which builds interest with hints of cherry tobacco and cola.






Wine Tasting

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