lummi island wine tasting march 21 ’19

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Uh-0h, No Bread This Week!

As all of you on the Bread Mailer already know, Janice is away this week, so no bread pickup this Friday.

Also, of course, we are away as well, so no wine tasting this weekend either.

In fact…and this will be repeated below…the Wine Shop will be closed both Friday and Saturday this week.

NEXT WEEKEND,  March 29-30: Bread Friday as Usual! (expect your usual bread email pre-order info sometime Sunday).

And…since we will be back as well, the wine shop will be open as usual Friday, March 29 from 4-7pm, and Saturday, March 30, from 2-6pm. Looking forward to seeing you!


Another Short Blog this week

Apparently the Oregon Coast is Terra Incognita for our cell phone server, so we are still  finding wifi connections few and far between. Therefore, with apologies, we are limited to another short post this week.


March Wine Shop Schedule

To reiterate from above, Wine Shop hours for the rest of March are:

Friday-Saturday, March 22-23: CLOSED

Friday, March 29 and Saturday, March 30: OPEN BOTH DAYS AS USUAL!




Mar a Lago Update: 2020 & the Senate, Cont’d…

Last week we explored the vital strategic importance of control of the US Senate after 2020 in determining the Future of Human Civilization, and our belief in the Absolute Existential Imperative for Democrats to win control of the Senate in 2020. In summary, the Democrats (plus a couple of New England ‘Independents’) are currently four seats in the minority, and that’s a Big Haul for any Party in a single election.

Added to that is the fact that Republicans, being what they are, have the combined Advantage and Disadvantage of, you know, sharing the One Brain. They all look alike, talk alike, dress alike, bow to the Great Reagan four times a day, go to the Spa and soak in steam-heated Greenbacks for Deep Relaxation, eat kittens and puppies as Snack Food during Floor Debates, and all Wish They had invented themselves as the Tweetster. The point is that Republicans are only concerned with money and power, and from a practical political standpoint, they are all completely interchangeable.

In contrast, given the mathematical properties of the two-party system, Democrats are therefore Everyone Else Who is Not a Republican, and this necessarily creates a an ongoing Chaos, not unlike Harry Truman’s observation about Economists: If you laid all the economists in the world End to End, they would Still All Point in Different Directions.

Our case in point at the moment is the evolving situation in Arizona, where newly elected Democrat Kyrsten Sinema now occupies the seat held by Republican Jeff Flake, and Republican Martha McSally temporarily occupies the seat held for thirty years by the late John McCain. That seat will be at stake again in 2020. Running against McSally, an atypical Republican candidate with a creditable military career, will be high-profile Navy veteran,  astronaut, and husband of former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, Mark Kelly. Kelly, in turn, is likely to face a challenge from popular Democratic Congressman Ruben Gallego.

A review of the numbers shows that despite Kelly’s high national profile, and because Gallego represents the dominant Phoenix metro area (half of Arizona), and Kelly the Tucson area (1/4 of Arizona), a contest between them could be extremely divisive and result in another Republican win. read more


Sorry, No Wine Tasting This Week, see you next week!











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