Lummi Island wine tasting March 14 ‘19

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Friday Breads This Week

Whole Wheat Ciabatta – Uses an italian biga pre-ferment as well as a poolish. A long, slow overnight ferment adds a lot of flavor to the final bread. Made with regular bread flour and fresh
milled whole wheat, olive oil for more flavor and a lot of water. With so
much water this bread can’t really be shaped, just cut into pieces and baked. -$5/piece

Dried Cranberry Walnut – Made with a nice mix of bread flour and freshly milled
buckwheat and whole wheat flours. Orange juice and olive oil are a unique
combination in this bread that add flavor and keep a soft crumb, then loaded up with
dried cranberries and toasted walnuts. Makes great toast! – $5/loaf

and pastry this week…

Brioche Tarts au Sucre – Aka brioche sugar tarts. A rich brioche
dough full of eggs and butter is rolled into a round tart and topped with more eggs,
cream, butter and sugar.  – 2/$5


Short Blog this week

We are finding wifi connections few and far between, so this is a short post this week…


March Wine Shop Schedule

We are still away, been enjoying the Thaw that started here in Oregon pinot noir country the last few days. Nights are no longer freezing, and days are Sunny and Comforting, as seems to be the case across the coastal PNW. For all kinds of reasons it is a Big Relief after all this year’s nasty cold, snowy, and unseasonable Deep Freeze, n’est-ce pas?

Wine Shop hours for the rest of March are:

Friday, March 15: Open 4-6pm for Wine Tasting and Bread Pickup

Friday-Saturday, March 22-23: CLOSED

Friday, March 29 and Saturday, March 30: OPEN BOTH DAYS AS USUAL


Mar a Lago Update: 2020, the Senate, and Survival of Life as We Know It

The Eyes and Ears of the World are following the pre-game activities in the run-up to the 2020 US elections with Existential Fear. As it has for the last three years, the American News Cycle revolves around the Madness of the Tweetster. What card will he pull from behind his ear next? What animal will he pull from his hair? What group of The Disenfranchised will he disparage? Whose struggles to get by will he make even more difficult? What new barriers can he put in the way of keeping our Planet Habitable?

But regardless of who is in the White House in 2021, if the US Senate remains in Republican hands, the Survival of Life as we Know It on Planet Earth will change from being a philosophical question about the Distant Future to the Dreaded Conversation with your doctor about OMG, How Long Do We Have Left?

At the Center of this all-too-likely Nightmare sits Darth McConnell, the Evil Incarnate, completely committed to the idea that the Ultimate Republican Win will be for the Wealthy to be In Charge at the Final Apocalypse. No Senate leader before him has twisted the rules so Cruelly, scuttled all debate so Blithely, exercised the Privileges of his office so Blindly, or ignored the Responsibilities of his Office so Casually. Piece by piece he has been dismantling the system of checks and balances that keep our system of government functioning.

And while there is some good news in the fact that there are more Republican Senate seats up for re-election in 2020 than Democrats, the Democrats must win back four of them to take control of the Senate and unseat McConnell. It is difficult and unlikely, and Everything depends on it. Scary Stuff.


This week’s wine tasting

Though we are away, for the next two weeks Janice will be choosing wines for Friday tastings from a broader menu we have provided. Please come on by the shop and see what she has decided to pour for you!


Wine Tasting

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