lummi island wine tasting jan 12 ’19

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Bread Friday

Rosemary Olive Oil – made with bread flour and freshly milled white whole wheat for
a little more flavor and texture. Fresh rosemary from the garden and olive oil make
for a nice tender crumb and a nice crisp crust. -$5/loaf

Multi Grain –  Made with pre-fermented dough of bread flour, fresh milled whole wheat, and rye with flax, sunflower, rolled oats and sesame seeds for a nice crunch and extra flavor. -$5/loaf

Pain aux Raisin – From the same laminated dough as croissants, rolled out, spread with pastry cream and sprinkled with a mix of sugar-soaked golden raisins and dried cranberries, rolled up and sliced before
baking. These are my favorites! – 2/$5


Thackrey and Co.

Sean Thackrey (see website) has been an iconic California winemaker for several decades, based mostly north of San Francisco in Marin County, where “normal” has, at best, a Vague Meaning. He has many eccentricities (read more), including skepticism about Global Warming and the importance of terroir in viticulture. A bit of a “wine outlaw,” he ascribes to numerous arcane winemaking practices (like letting newly picked grapes rest overnight to begin fermentation). 

Over the years his wines have earned serious acclaim from major wine critics, so he must be doing something right, right…?

Pleiades is essentially a non-vintage “field blend” of sangiovese, pinot noir, viognier, zinfandel, syrah, and more, mostly from the Rossi vineyard in St. Helena in the heart of Napa Valley, but which may include fruit from different California regions and vintages. As a result he has developed the habit of naming each vintage in sequence; this weekend as the photo shows, we are pouring version XXVI , released last spring. It looks like pinot noir, but the complex flavors are not quite like any other single wine you have likely tasted. Come by and check it out!



Mar a Lago Update: Graham-A-Doodle Shows His Stuff

1/6/19, 2:12pm   ‘The goal is not to open up the government’

Graham repeated his belief that because the Radical Left Wing of the Democratic Party are (sic) not being “reasonable partners,” the Tweetster “is right to dig in to get money for a wall as part of border security.” He continued: “We’re not going to put any offers on the table as long as people in charge of these negotiations accuse all of us who want a wall of being Racist…” Graham said. “Until you get that crowd put to the sidelines, I don’t see anything happening.”

1/09/19, 7:45pm  Graham launches last-ditch push to end shutdown

As a Petulant Tweetster keeps refusing to play with the other kids visiting the White House this week until he gets his way, Republican boot-lickers have become increasingly more concerned, not as one would expect, about how the lingering Ego-Tantrum that is the Shutdown can be Ended, but how they can each play their conniving little hands to avoid being Gutted by a Tweet of Pique for appearing Disloyal. As if, you know, the one who can hold his breath the longest at the Ship Goes Down wins some kind of Prize.

1/10/19: 02:01 PM   ‘Never been more depressed’: Trump kills Graham effort to end shutdown

Supposedly Graham and other GOP Senators had been working So Hard to come up with a plan the Tweetster would like enough to reopen the Government they were, like, So Surprised and Disappointed when the Tweetster didn’t go for it that they haven’t been able to stop wringing their Tiny Hands. Awwwww

1/10/19: 6.55 pm EST: Graham calls for Trump to use emergency powers to fund border wall

With this last we see the Uncanny Resemblance of Graham to a deranged mini-poodle running in circles trying to catch its tail, putting on a Good Show although it has No Idea what a tail Is, or whether it has one, but Does know how to Bark, Distract, and, you know, Suck Up to Power. But then, if you think about it, he Does have his Buddy Mitch to Lead him down the Slimy Path of the Spineless Toadie…

Washington Post Tweetster Lie Count to date: 7,546 as of 1/1/19


This week’s wine tasting

Maryhill Viognier ’16       Washington       $14
Vibrant aromas of orange zest, honeysuckle, and pink grapefruit; flavors of lemon, pear, and white peach. The mouthfeel is delicate, yet full-bodied, withnotes of fresh flowers.

Domaine Donjon Minervois Tradition ’15    France      $16
60% Grenache, 30% Syrah and 10% Carignan; aged 12 months in stainless steel. Meaty and complex, with sweet, ripe red and black fruits, loads of white and black pepper, bay leaf and wild roses, it stays fresh and lively on the palate, with medium-bodied richness and length.

Tenuta Rubino Oltreme Susamaniello ’14 Italy      $14
Fresh, fragrant notes of cherries, pomegranate, raspberries and hints of ripe plum; fruity, minerally, and round on the palate with soft, pleasant tannins, a versatile and seductive pairing with richer dishes.

Can Blau Can Blau ’16      Spain     $16
Long a favorite; always shows aromas and flavors of ripe, dark fruits and berries, a seamless texture, and long, silky finish. Generally improves with lots of aeration.

Sean Thackrey Pleiades XXVI   California     $23
26th version from this semi-legendary winemaker, an eclectic blend of sangiovese, pinot noir, viognier, zinfandel, syrah, and more; voluptuous and fragrant now, likely to improve with age.

Wine Tasting

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