lummi island wine tasting oct 26 ’18

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Bread Friday this week

Polenta Sourdough – Made with a levain, also known as sourdough, in which the sourdough starter is fed and built up over several days, then mixed with bread f lour and polenta in the final dough mix. This is not the sweet corn cranberry bread that I have done in the past that is enriched with milk and butter, this bread is a nice rustic loaf with great corn flavor. – $5/loaf

Levain w/ Dried Cherries and Pecans – Also a levain bread using a sourdough starter. This allows the fermentation process to start and the gluten to start developing. The final dough adds bread flour and fresh milled whole wheat and then loaded up with dried cherries and toasted pecans. A nice rustic loaf that goes well with meats and cheese – $5/loaf

and pastry this week…

Fruit & Spice Rolls – Not as sweet as many of the pastry choices they include almost half whole wheat, butter along with dried cranberries and golden raisins, fresh orange peel and orange juice, and an interesting array of spices. Brushed with an egg wash and topped with demerara sugar before baking for that extra bit of sweetness and crunch. – 2/$5


War on The Verizon

While generally our trip is going well, there have been a few glitches. First, we find we have bitten off quite a bit more mileage commitment than is comfortable. But, as we tell the dogs, migration is its own reward, and like vacations of all kinds, the whole point is to change your routine enough that you have to pay attention to This Moment, because you can’t rely on Habit to get you through.

One source of Dissonance has been Pat’s new Ipad, bought a few months ago. Our old one was slowing down, not having the same energy it once had, forgetting how to do things it used to do easily…you know, signs of Old Age.

So the new ipad (her old one was a 2012 ipad 2) is faster and more efficient. But unlike the old one, which operated on a month to month contract with Verizon, this one was Bought from a Verizon Store, at an attractive price compared to the Apple Store. Or so we thought. The catch is that it came with a 2-year Contract, which included 2GB of data per month. And all seemed well till we started this trip. Yesterday we found we were out of data already, which is baffling for many reasons. Because we needed the GPS function that being online gave us, we spent hours finding a Verizon store, finding creative ways to reimagine the passwords, pin codes, Apple id’s, and several other arcane numbers that we had to know for Verizon to add data or even acknowledge that we or our machine or our account existed.

The customer service people at Verizon seem to do their best to cope with one’s frustration, but the overwhelming impression is that they are following rote scripts designed to sell us more time and more products rather than respond to our issues. The way the past couple of days have gone, we find ourselves longing for the good old days of pay phones and impossible-to-refold road maps; they were affordable, they worked, and you never had the feeling one gets today of Monster Corporations whipping legions of panting MBA’s to extract every last penny from every last Consumer. But, as I say, it’s been a frustrating couple of days…


Mar a Lago Update: You Have Mail!

It seems logical that there should be as many leftist Assassins and rightists. But since the news today about the bomb-threat packages sent by Someone to a dozen or so high-profile Progressives, we are again reminded that it is easier to name left-leaning victims of Assassins that right-leaning ones. Or is it?

To be sure, we have done no official Research on this topic. This is a much more casual philosophical inquiry: how many people around the world can you name who have been assassinated during your lifetime?

Let’s see…in no particular order: JFK, MLK, RFK, Gandhi, Allende, Rabin, John Lennon, all pretty much Lefties. Then you have some Righties, maybe done in by Lefties, but maybe by Further-Righties…Khadafi, Saddam Hussein, there are long lists on both sides.

Either way, they seem the result of deeply held political biases, the Frustration of not Feeling Heard, and the Ongoing Burden of feeling Misused, Abused, Exploited, Ignored, Insulted, and more by the Unfeeling Powers that Be (see above). We all have our own values and the biases that come with them, and many of us pile on with like-minded friends in pillorying leaders and ideas we deplore. As individual citizens we are Free to do that. As so-called Leader of All, the Tweetster’s Job is to represent the Entire Country. But like the Witches in Macbeth, he is Compelled to Stir the Pot, every moment, every day. And it takes an inevitable Toll.


This week’s wine tasting

Mer Soleil Unoaked Chardonnay ’15   California    $16
A pure, clean expression of Chardonnay, fermented and aged in a combination of stainless steel and small concrete tanks. Aromas of flower blossoms and crisp pears, round and layered on the palate, with vibrant acidity and depth.

J Lohr Cypress Merlot ’16    California      $10
Classic varietal aromas of black cherry and plum with subtle hints of oak;  savory red fruit and comforting weight finishes with a touch of chalky tannin.  Seriously over-delivers for its modest price.

Crios Malbec ’17   Argentina      $13
Bright, dark red. Redcurrant, black cherry, ripe strawberry and spices on the nose; sweet red fruit flavors are complicated by earth, licorice and menthol; creamy fruit is firmed by smooth tannins…a terrific value.

Celler Can Blau Can Blau ’16        Spain        $16
Aromas of ripe black and blue fruit with smoky mineral and licorice notes; Seamless texture, with sweet boysenberry, floral pastille and snappy spiciness. Finishes silky and long, with a sneaky tannic grip.

Piaggio  Carmignano Il Sasso ’13    Italy   $29    
Rich, ample and voluptuous, with black cherry, plum, lavender, spice, tobacco and dried herb notes, and int3ense fruit and texture. There is not much subtlety here, just plain gorgeous!.





Wine Tasting

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