lummi island wine tasting aug 24 ’18

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Bread Friday this week

Cinnamon Raisin – Made with a nice mix of bread flour, freshly milled whole wheat, and rolled oats. Some honey for sweetness, a little milk for a tender crumb and loaded with raisins and a healthy dose of cinnamon. This is not a rich sweet bread with a swirl of cinnamon sugar, instead the cinnamon is mixed into the dough and flavors the entire bread. It is a hearty rustic loaf. Great for breakfast toast, even better for french toast – $5/loaf

Spelt Levain – Spelt is an ancient grain with a nutty, slightly sweet flavor and has gluten but it isn’t as strong as the gluten in modern wheat. This bread is made with a levain, or sourdough, traditional bread flour and about 1/3 spelt flour, fresh milled whole spelt and fresh milled whole rye. It is a great all around bread – $5/loaf

and pastry this week…

Gibassiers – A traditional french pastry that incorporates the flavors from the south of France. Made with a delicious sweet dough full of milk, butter, eggs and olive oil. The addition of orange flower water, candied orange peel and anise seed bring great flavor to these pastries. After baking they are brushed with melted butter and sprinkled with more sugar. Ooh La La! – 2/$5


Wine Shop Hours Next Two Weekends

This weekend:

OPEN Friday (8/24) 4-6 and  CLOSED Saturday 8/25

Next weekend (Labor Day Artists Studio Tour):

OPEN Friday (8/31) 4-7, Saturday (9/1) 1-6, and Sunday (9/2) 1-5




Studio Tour Artist Preview!

As mentioned a few weeks ago, our Island Quilters are not all that into displaying their work. And while that is very disappointing for those of you who did not get a chance to see their Show, those of us who did should all count ourselves Fortunate to have had this month’s Brief Opportunity to visit with their latest creations for a bit. In any case, the IQ’s have taken down their all-too-short show, but on the positive side have made room for a new Studio Tour artist at the Gallery this year, Kim Obbink,  showing her latest series of finely detailed drawings and paintings of island botanical and marine life subjects.

These are  multimedia images using mostly watercolor and colored pencils to capture not only the visual details of each subject but also to project its feeling and energy. And as she pointed out while hanging the show, like Audobon’s birds, their beauty is of their husks, the bodies they leave behind. We organic beings are so fleeting.

Some images she painted from microscope viewing, affording intriguing, detailed views of tiny forms we rarely see.

Don’t miss it!



Found Button

Last Friday this very attractive button was found on our floor. Looks like the back is a snap fitting of some kind. As you can see from the highlighted reflections, there is a lovely mother of pearl element. This is a  little Treasure that someone is probably missing…and we have it for you!







Mar a Lago Update: Approaching Target Acquisition

The Tweetster’s “Witch Hunters” have shown Great Discipline. Like our favorite winemakers, half Geek and half Aritst, they have followed the Money; they have Unraveled the Lies; they have Deconstructed the Tweets. Coach Manafort and Manager Cohen have been tracked, trapped, and sent to the Penalty Box. The Tweetster and Staff are headed into the last of the Eighth with a Tied Score, the opposing team at bat, nobody out, opposing runners on First and Third, and half their starting team thrown out of the game. The fans are all standing.

Probably the next Strategy will be somehow to make it necessary to Call the Game due to Rain. Everyone will be issued a Rain Check to gain admission to a Future Game of their choice, you know, if there ever is one. What could be More Fair than that?

There was perhaps a brief period, through ought-Sixteen and -Seventeen, when it seemed Inevitable that the accumulated Lies, Scandals, and Incompetences would soon be the Final Downfall of the Tweetster’s so-called Government. But we have seen repeatedly that the Reasoning faculties of the Forty Percent who support him No Matter What and the political exigencies of Republican Leaders who pander to him because he keeps delivering that 40% predispose them to remain in Denial about the Existential Danger they and Our Country are in. Like Alfie, their ongoing koan is “what’s it all about…?…Is just for the moment with you..? What’s it All about…is it wrong to take More than you Give…?”

Which is a pretty good summary of the fundamental Existential Question of our Time, something of a litmus test for identifying Party loyalty.

Washington Post Tweetster Lie Count to date: 4229 as of 8/1/18


This week’s wine tasting

Anne Amie Amrita White ’17   Oregon    $14
Palate-tickling blend of
riesling, pinot blanc, muller thurgau, viognier, gewurz’, and chardonnay; and ; aromas of elderflower, starfruit, Rainier cherry, and lemon; palate of white strawberry, kumquat, golden raspberry and St. Germain,  and pairs nicely with Asian spices.

Sable de Camargue Rosé Gris ’17 France $15
70% Grenache Gris, 20% Grenache Noir, 10% Syrah; taste sea and sand from the Camargue in this lovely, fresh rosé that has a nose of fresh-picked strawberries and cherries with hints of maritime air and a clean and simple finish.

Domaine La Croix Belle Caringole ’14  France   $10
Syrah, Carignan and Merlot blend from Languedoc’s Cotes de Thongue region; fresh and supple with flavors of cherry, and black olive, and herbs.

Monte Tondo Valpolicella ’16   Italy    $15
The grapes are dried for about a month in a well ventilated “fruttai” before pressing, and ultimately aged for five months in oak. Not a frivolous wine, it packs loads of sour black cherry aromas, spices, violets, and rosves.

Kerloo GSM Majestic  ’15    Washington     $24
Aromas of leather, black cherries, plums, black pepper, and earth. On the palate smooth and silky with bright,  spicy-salty red cherry notes, dusty roses, tobacco, light baking spices, and wet stones.


Wine Tasting

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