lummi island wine tasting april 21 ’17

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Bread this week

20141024-122220.jpgPain au Levain – made with bread flour and free milled whole wheat and rye also a little wheat germ and some malt for sweetness. A long, overnight cool ferment really brings out the flavor. A great crusty artisan bread -$5/loaf

Semolina with Fennel & Golden Raisins – about 50/50 bread and semolina flours and plenty of fennel seeds and golden raisins. A little butter keeps the crumb tender. It is a beautiful golden color due to the semolina and goes well with meats or cheeses. Judy A. says this is her favorite! So be sure to give it a try- $5/loaf

And for pastry…

Chocolate Croissants – a traditional laminated french pastry made with a bit of sourdough flavor and another pre-ferment to help strengthen the dough to create the traditional honeycomb interior. Rolled out and shaped with delicious dark chocolate in the center. Quantities are limited so get your order in early so you don’t miss out – 2/$5

Earth Day, Science Day

“The March for Science champions science as a pillar of human freedom and prosperity that upholds the common good, (calls for)  political leaders and policy makers to enact evidence-based policies in the public interest.” —

As we mentioned last week, the first Earth Day in 1971 was a significant turning point in American understanding of the limits of our planet to transform our waste back into some kind of “Renewability.” And now here we are in 2017, almost fifty years later, in a Surreal World where something like Half our Population actually cannot tell the difference between Alternative Truth and Fact-based Truth. Of course this was all predicted by Grace Slick back in 1967: When the Truth is Found…To beeee…LIES….

Well, mis amigos, those Days have now Arrived. Nearly half the people in our country are either Unwilling or Unable to Distinguish Fact from Fiction. Indeed, their Main Issue seems to be that Scientific Consensus should not be allowed to Interfere with that same Traditional Common Sense that gave us the Salem Witch Trials, Nazi Death  Camps, and of course “Fair and Balanced” Fox News and its Extravagantly Paid, Gender-Exploitive Pundits.

The March for Science is an important step toward reclaiming some degree of Rationality into political decision-making. Unfortunately, we have a long way to go, so we should all take part in Solidarity with our nearest Earth Day movement.


Small Vineyards

dscn0101 (Modified) Four of this week’s wines are from importer Small Vineyards, part of their French and Spanish portfolio: These wines were introduced to us over the last several years by our friend Tristan, who has since gone on to form his own import company. For the moment there is no Washington importer for these wines.

However for the moment current stocks are low; prices are limited and there is no new importer stepping up to take over the responsibility of supplying us on a regular basis. For now, just know that we will carry a nice selection of of several old SV favorites from Spain and France.


Signs of Spring














This week’s  wine tasting

Domaine Girard Chardonnay ’14   France $13
Medium- bodied with fleshy notes of fresh-picked apples and pears; no oak, but spends time on the lees to give it richness; clay soils at a higher elevation impart a delightful freshness.

Chateau Lancyre Rosé ’15  France   $12
Brilliant pink. Nose of ripe red berries and tangerine; Fleshy, seamless and broad palate of plush raspberry and candied orange and a touch of bitter herbs.

Les Pious Cotes de Rhone Grenache ’11    France    $14
Smooth and rich, with notes of plum and caraway; grown biodynamically and aged in cement tanks…nice!

Bocelli Sangiovese ’14   Italy      $14
Bright,, lush, and appealing; deliciously ripe and smoky, with notes of marasca cherry, granite, and rhubarb compote. Finish is long and dry, with admirable acidity that makes the palate taut and pleasing

Lopez Cristobal Crianza ’11    Spain    $21
Tempranillo/merlot blend from high, calcareous vineyards in Ribero del Duero; long, balanced, and full-bodied, with soft, ripe tannins and a luscious, elegant finish.


Wine Tasting

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