lummi island wine tasting Sept 6 ’14

Reminder: CLOSED This Weekend!

You would think it would be easy for retired folks with a sailboat to take off any time they want for as long as they want. And, honestly, I don’t know why it is so difficult to arrange. But for some reason it is difficult. However. at the moment it looks as if we will actually be able to pull it off this weekend. Your big Takeaway from this is that the wine shop will be  closed this weekend, not open either Friday or Saturday.


 Reefnetters’ Lament

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dscn0919 (Modified)More and more in the last few years, out-of-the-blue, one of a kind meteorological events have been occurring often enough that “Bad Luck” is becoming a euphemism for “Global Warming.” The latest and most poignant episode has been unfolding here in Legoe Bay over the last several weeks as our stalwart Reefnet fishers have come face to face, head to head with yet another local and very troubling “Huh, are you Kidding Me???” piece of Local Climate Change News.

Diverted by an unusual large “blob” of very warm water, highly anticipated huge runs of returning salmon have chosen to take the very long route out around Vancouver Island to their spawning grounds up the Fraser River. Over 99% of the returning cohort have taken this route, leaving our local reefnet fishers with essentially No Fish. This is both locally and globally devastating news. Locally, it means our friends and neighbors who annually invest their time and energy into maintaining our historic reefnet fishery are not even covering their expenses. Globally, it is yet another wake-up call that everything six billion humans do has a huge impact on the ability of our Dear Planet to support Life As We Know It.

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Remember…we are Not Open this weekend!

Wine Tasting

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