Artisan Wine Gallery update 01/25/14

Reopening next week!

rose glassWe have been enjoying our little break from the wine shop and the comforting warmth of the California sun, and are now headed north toward home. The wine shop will re-open for 2014 beginning next Saturday, February 1. Mark your calendars now, and look for details late next week!






Terrapin Creek: Shining star in an unlikely place


Last week’s post was written from an RV park at Bodega Bay, CA. Shortly after the posting we discovered that a little restaurant about 1/4 mile away had very quietly been awarded a Michelin Star. Huh? Out here on the Edge of the Galaxy? Turned out to be true; we enjoyed a lovely lunch there and intend to return. Pat had a “sandwich” of roasted prosciutto, pear, and some delicious soft cheese; I had their lovely cassoulet with spicy sausage, small white beans, and just enough bread to sop the plate clean. When I asked owner Andrew Truong about the star (he was waiting on us) he downplayed it: “we don’t want to raise people’s expectations.” The place is small and very low-key, with a creative menu and delicious food. Highly recommended!  Read more



The Children’s Bell Tower

20140123-215451.jpgCuriously situated in a large field next to the RV park in Bodega Bay is a quietly surprising memorial sculpture. During our five days at the park, we regularly walked around and past the structure. It was built in memory of Nicolas Green, a seven year old boy who ws killed by gunfire while in Italy with his family in 1994. The family gave permission for his organs to be donated to seven individuals, who have all met. The Memorial was commissioned by Nicholas’ parents to honor not just their son, but in a way, childhood itself.  See more about the memorial.

















Calistoga Morning Moon and Balloon

20140123-215617.jpgWhile staying with family in Calistoga last week, each morning’s early  dog walk revealed a brightly colored hot air balloon rising in the morning sun.Each day revealed a different Morning Balloon, already in the air to catch the morning sunlight before the ground below. It also turned out that the just-past-full moon was riding right along with it…!

Wine Tasting

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