Lummi Island Wine Tasting July 14 ’12 Bastille Day


Bastille Day

Somehow this year Bastille Day feels worth noting, an inspirational symbol that the People will only take so much before they Rebel. This year on Bastille Day aught-twelve let’s take a moment to reflect on the little signs around the world of the cracks in the System, the little fissures, the small and large insults to dignity and common sense that have become commonplace, even expected. As one American Indian chief once said about the White Man, we can say about the Corporate Finance man:  “First he took the loaf, and then he took the crumbs.” Something to ponder while humming the Marseillaise

Lullaby Winery

We have recently been in touch with an old acquaintance, Virginie Bourgeil, who is the winemaker/owner of Lullaby winery in Walla Walla. We first met her a few years ago when she came from France as the winemaker for Bergevin Lane in Walla Walla. Now she has her own winery, and we will be pouring one of her wines this weekend, see below.

Lost River Winery

Leigh and Brian are visiting Lummi Island after the better part of a year on the road in their new Airstream, and came to dinner the other night, bringing with them a lovely bottle of Lost River rose they had picked up in Winthrop on their way over the mountains. The wine was delicious, so we contacted the folks at Lost River, who have promised to bring us a bunch of the wine by tasting time this Saturday! All the roses are showing really well this year, and this one is particularly appealing, so don’t miss it!

 La Mancha

We are in Seattle as I write this, so it will be short. We attended a promotional wine tasting for the Spanish wine region of Castilla- La Mancha, a large area south of Madrid. It’s hot and dry, with large temperature variations from day to night, and a long growing season. The area is trying to promote its wines with this tour. The good news is that the wines are very good and very inexpensive. The bad news is that most of them are not available here because no distributors carry them, and no importers (nowadays you need an “importer” even to bring wine from one state to another to sell), so unfortunately it will take awhile before many of these wine delights will make it to our tables. Sigh…

Aboriginal art

We also went to the show of Australian aboriginal art at Seattle Art Museum this afternoon, and it is Highly Recommended. The works are imaginative, full of color and symbolism, and rich with some way of Knowing that feels very powerful and very cryptic. I think the show is at SAM through the summer— don’t miss it!





















Last week we mentioned a free tasting for anyone who came in wearing a mask, in honor of our recent tasting of wines from Bellingham’s Masquerade Winery. Steve and Mary Beth took advantage, and MB’s mask is a really close approximation of the Masquerade label...!









 This week’s tasting:


Lullaby ‘Blanc de Virginie’   ’11     Washington       $22
Clean and crisp, combining grapefruit, lime, lemongrass, pineapple, star fruit and passion fruit, with mouth-watering acidity, a perfect match for shellfish or a simple mixed green salad.

Lost River Rosé ’09    Washington       $14
Blended from merlot and cabernet franc, harvested early to preserve bright notes of strawberry and cherry; excellent by itself or paired with summer fare from salads to barbecue.

Portteus Bistro Red 09   Washington      $10
58% Merlot, 42% Cabernet Franc, aged in small French oak barrels; medium body with flavors of blueberry, chocolate, cola, cigar, plum and a nice creamy finish.

Poderi Elia Barbera d’Asti ‘09      Italy       $14
Balanced, soft, and rich, with freshly pressed cranberries on the nose, and lush palate of bright pomegranate, bright acidity, and soft tannins that beg for pairing with a savory meal.


Wine Tasting

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