Spain notes April 27, ’12

Trip notes

As our Gps is fond of saying (and it always is a welcome sound) “You have arrived.” So we have arrived in Barcelona, after a series of halting steps. First, we missed our Airport shuttle by about a minute at Tulalip…saw it there from I5, but gone three minutes later. So we had to make an unplanned trip to Seatac to find parking ($$$!), etc….not the leisurely trip we had pla nned. Call that Ouch #1.

Got to Dallas ok (surprise, no food on board for 4hour flight, never ran into that before…who knew?)  Enough of a layover there to grab a quick bite before the next leg to London. Went through boarding, waited…..waited…for mechanical problem remedy, finally we all got off and a couple of  hours later boarded new plane for uneventful flight to Heathrow. A little side note…I hadn’t recalled how Hot and Sweaty it was on planes during boarding! Or feeling so grungy so early in the trip!

Delay at Dallas made for close connection in London, but late afternoon flight to Barcelona on British Airways Airbus was smooth, beautiful, and comfortable, with roomier,  more comfortable seats, a quiet ride, and a spectacular approach over the Pyrenees, then swinging out over the Med for sunset view of the city, the coast, and layers of mountains stretching away into the Twilight.

More later!


This post is done on our new iPad…still low on the learning curve. So e.g., I make lots of typos, and the iPad corrects them by guessing what words Asia thinks I am at hyping and then Fills the a in S is thinks it should, willy-nilly making up words as it goes along…this last sentence is a pretty good example. All you experts feel free to lend tips!

Wine Shop

The most important thing for you to know is that while we are away Ryan will be opening the wine shop on Fridays from 4-7 and Saturdays from 2-6. I hope you will all drop in to taste wine and sChmooze with the Faithful. And just to make it more appealing…


For the next three weeks the $99 case sale we had before New Years is BACK! So come by and load up! OR call Ryan (758-2020) and ask him  to put one together for you…just specify how many reds and whites!

Wine Tasting

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